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Basic Information:

The moderators of smut4flowers are tqpannie and madam_minnie

smut4flowers is a multi-fandom fest to honor the memory of simons_flower . The fest will include all of simons_flower's favorite fandoms: Harry Potter, Torchwood, Star Trek, and Dr. Who. The fest will be smutty because there is nothing simons_flower enjoyed more than making people squirm with her smut.

simons_flower's favorite parings are as follows:

Harry Potter: Any but especially Harry/Hermione, Trio, and Ron/Harry

Torchwood: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Ianto/Gwen

Star Trek: Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Kirk/McCoy/Spock

Dr. Who: Eccleston (9th Doctor)/Rose, Tennant (10th Doctor)/Rose, Ten/Rose/Jack, Nine/Jack, Ten/Jack

RPS will also be allowed in any of the above pairings but you should know that slash was usually the focus of what she loved in RPS.

smut4flowers will include both stories and artwork.

smut4flowers stories and artwork should include an item from a list of simons_flower's favorite things. You can find a the list here

The posting will begin on September 4, 2009 on what would have been simons_flower's 38th birthday and run through October 4, 2009. This is equal to 30 days of smutty goodness to celebrate simons_flower's life.

All stories and art will remain secret until October 5, 2009 and will be posted through a special journal into the community. Each participant will get that password the day they have chosen to post. simons_flower loved waiting for the reveals while guessing who wrote what.


* Sign-ups will begin on Saturday August 22, 2009
* Sign-up post comments will be screened.

The Rules:

* Have fun! She would want you to enjoy writing the stories and creating art for her.
* All stories/art should incorporate one of simons_flower's favorite things.
* All stories should be rated Hard R to NC-17 (art can go from PG-13 to NC-17)
* No character death.
* All stories should be a minimum of 1000 words no maximum.
* All stories must be spellchecked and beta-read (there will be a post setup for betas to offer their services).
* Please include all HTML codes in your document when submitting your story.
* Stories and art submitted as part of this fest may not be posted anywhere else until the author/artist has been revealed by the smut4flowersmod
* If you sign-up for a day and find that you cannot complete, please email the moderators at smut4flowers@gmail.com
* All stories must be submitted by midnight PST on your day of posting and submitted through the fic4flower journal. You will also find a variety of icons here made by letmypigeonsgo and simons_flower

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* Are you an artist or a writer?:
* Fandom you are planning on writing/creating art for:
* Date you would like to post on:
* Pairing you are considering writing/drawing:
eccleston (9th doctor)/rose, harry/hermione, harry/ron, harry/ron/hermione, jack/ianto, jack/ianto/gwen, kirk/mccoy, kirk/mccoy/spock, nine/jack, spock/uhura, ten/jack, ten/rose/jack, tennant (10th doctor)/rose, various harry pairings

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