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30 September 2009 @ 09:18 pm
Fic: (See Post) (Kirk/McCoy, R)  
Title: The four times Kirk and Bones fooled around at a wedding and the one time they fooled around at their own
Author: SunChild725
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy, minor Sulu/Chekov and Spock/Uhura
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Warning: None
Word Count: 1182
Rating: R
Summary: Pretty much as the title says.
Notes: After a few different tries for a few different fics I finally got this one finished. I hope you all enjoy! Written for the smut4flowers fest.



There was nothing Jim loved more than a great party.

So when Bones’ invited him along to his cousin’s wedding he all but jumped at the chance. Plus, his only other choice was to hang around the Academy for fall break and that wasn’t any fun without Bones anyways.

Bone’s cousin was a lovely woman, who kept blushing as he had flirted with her until Bones finally dragged him away. Her fiancé had seemed a little less than amused with the whole thing.

He allowed himself to be pinched by little old ladies who thought he was ‘adorable’ and let himself be passed around and introduced as ‘LH’s darling date’. Bones seemed annoyed by that but really didn’t do much to prevent it. Jim wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

Somewhere after the reception Bones had acquired a bottle of Tennessee whiskey. This ended with drunken fumbling in the hallway of Bones’ mother’s house and ‘damn it, Jim, my mother is just down stairs’.

And if he woke up in Bones’ childhood bed with a hellacious hangover and his hand down the front of Bones’ pants? Well, that’s just the way these things happened sometimes.


Sam’s wedding was the following summer.

Jim dragged Bones with him back to Iowa to attend the wedding, explaining it as payback for dragging him to his cousin’s wedding a few months back (no matter how much Jim had enjoyed it). Bones agreed easy enough even if he did bitch the whole shuttle ride there so Jim counted it as a win.

The welcoming hug that greeted Jim when he saw his brother was a little disconcerting. It had been a while since he had spent time with his brother, much less being hugged by him. But then Sam pulled away grinning and introduced him to his soon to be wife. Lana was pretty woman who was completely charmed by Jim within the first fifteen minutes of meeting. Sam said it was the Kirk Charm and Bones muttered something not patching him up this time and letting him suffer.

Jim ignored them both and just said she was an excellent judge of character.

They weren’t quite as drunk when they ended up in bed this time. But they were still drunk enough that it was quick and messy and they didn’t even get far enough to lose their pants. Bones woke up spooned against Jim, arm thrown around his stomach and their fingers laced together. It was nice and comfortable and he wanted nothing more than stay like this.

Then Jim rolled out of his grip and promptly emptied his stomach into the waste container beside the bed.


The first chance Jim had to officiate a wedding was exactly an hour and twelve minutes after Chekov turned eighteen.

He and Sulu had managed to corner Jim right after he had gotten off shift and was heading to the sick bay, intending to drag Bones away from his paperwork to get something to eat.

It took surprising little time to throw together a make shift wedding on the ship, leaving Jim to wonder if the crew knew something he didn’t. But he just attributed it to the resourcefulness of his crew.

Both Sulu and Chekov disappeared right after the wedding but no one really expected anything different. Everyone still enjoyed the reception anyways. Scotty provided the alcohol so it didn’t really come as a surprise that most of them still didn’t remember a good portion of what happened that night.

Still, Jim had a hard time explaining away the hickey that showed above the collar of his uniform the next morning.


Spock and Uhura’s wedding was a bit more somber affair. This was probably attributed to the fact that they spent actual time planning it. It also took quite a bit more of effort, trying to merge essential parts of a Vulcan wedding in with everything else. Uhura seemed more and more taxed as the day got closer and closer.

But when the day finally arrived she looked beautiful and happy. They stayed longer than Sulu and Chekov did at their reception but Jim figured that it was because Spock’s father and Uhura’s parents were there.

Neither of them were drunk this time, when Bones pinned Jim up against his bedroom door and proceeded to all but tear the uniform off of him. Jim’s answer was to push Bones down on the bed and strip him out of his outfit as quickly as possible

This time it was Bones that woke up with a hickey he couldn’t cover up. Jim seemed pleased by that.


“We-- mmm-- we probably shouldn’t be doing this out here.” Bones shivered as Jim plastered himself against him. Hands unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off of him.

“Come on, Bones.” Jim nuzzled under his neck and damn if that didn’t feel good. “No one’s going to miss us.”

Bones shot him an incredulous look. “It’s our wedding.”

“Which means no one expects us to stick around.” Jim pressed himself closer and grinned when he felt Bones harden against him. His Bones now. He slipped his own shirt off and tossed it to the side.

“Somehow,” the doctor replied, “I don’t think that they would expect to find us half naked in the bridge either.”

There was an answering smirk as Jim pulled him towards the captain’s chair. “What half-naked? If I have my way we’ll be completely naked.”

“I shouldn’t be encouraging your perverted fantasies,” he muttered as Jim sat down and pulled him between his spread legs, hands splayed on Bones hips.

“But it’s my wedding night.” Bones just looked down at Jim and raised an eyebrow. “Our wedding night,” Jim amended.

“Damn right.”

Jim grinned and yanked him down, meeting him midways.

Soon enough Bones found himself straddling Jim’s lap, missing his pants with Jim’s hand wrapped around his dick. “Fuck,” he muttered against the captain’s neck.

“Oh, I plan to,” Jim replied. Then he pushed Bones’ back, ignoring the growl he got, and slipped out of the chair. Bones just sent him an inquiring look. He grinned and shoved Bones back down in the chair in his place. “This is more like it,” he said as he straddled his new husband.

Blinking, Bones felt Jim put something into this hand and gave it a quick glance, not really wanting to take his gaze off of the blond on top of him. Then he did a double take and rolled his eyes. Figures. Only Jim would be able to find lube in the middle of the bridge. Bones wondered if Jim had had it in his uniform and just how long he had been planning this.

Jim wrapped a hand in Bones hair and pulled his head back. “Fuck me.”

He didn’t have to be told twice.

And when Uhura caught them sneaking out of the bridge a couple of hours later? Bones just buried his face in Jim’s neck while Jim himself waved and pulled his husband toward their room.

Yeah, still worth it.


secretsolitaire: ahahahasecretsolitaire on October 2nd, 2009 11:23 am (UTC)
Of course Jim would want to spend their wedding night having sex on the bridge. ;-)
Mo: dr. no smokingjoirerson on October 9th, 2009 09:43 pm (UTC)
Hee, that was ridiculously hot and cute.

Of course Jim has lube hidden everywhere.