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27 September 2009 @ 05:20 pm
September 27th - "Fire"  
Title: Fire
Author: Leather Tuscadero *wink*
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2431
Summary: Harry comes home from work to find his wife cooking dinner...dressed entirely in leather.
Notes: Written for the smut4flowers 30 days' of smut challenge. This isn't one of Trisha's main pairings, but I call it homage to the brilliant "Heat" which, like good wine, only gets better with age..."Fire" takes place in the same universe as "Heat", with a few small references to its predecessor. Here's to you, Trisha.

Harry Potter was exhausted. He thanked Merlin that the week was finally over as he spun out of the Floo and into the living room of his and Ginny's flat. The summer heat was brutal, and the frequency of wizard crime seemed to have increased exponentially with the temperature. It was mostly petty crimes – practical jokes on Muggles, that sort of thing. But it was bloody well wearing him out.

"Ginny?" He called as he flopped onto the sofa to take off his boots. It was with great pleasure that he tugged the regulation black Auror jumper over his head and dropped it on the floor. He untucked the shirt from his trousers, fanning his midsection with the flaps. "Ginny!"

"That's my name, don't wear it out," Ginny quipped from not far behind him. "I'm in the kitchen, now come in and help me."

Harry frowned. His idea of relief did not include confinement in a steamy kitchen, despite the sexy witch that currently occupied it and the tempting smells that filled his nostrils. He swept one hand up through his hair to pull it off his sticky forehead. "I'm fine here, thanks. Although I could use a cold Butterbeer," he added wryly.

"You lazy prat. Come in here. I promise you'll be glad you did."

"How can you possibly want to cook in this heat?"

"Let's just say I was in the mood," Ginny replied.

Harry reluctantly pried himself off the sofa and moved into the kitchen, wiping off his glasses with his shirttail. "So what are you mak— Bloody hell, what are you wearing?" he stuttered when he finally looked up. Shoving his glasses onto his face, he felt his mouth stretch into a grin while his trousers stretched to accommodate his rising erection.

His new bride of three months was at the counter peeking into one of the pots bubbling on the stove. One hand lifted her long red waves off her neck while the other held the lid of the pot. But instead of wearing her usual summer uniform of cutoff denim shorts and a slinky halter she was wearing dark brown leather pants that hugged her curves to perfection and an off-shoulder strapless corset also fashioned in the same shade of brown that laced up in the front. The corset was so tight on her that her breasts threatened to spill over the top; they jiggled when she closed the lid over the pot.

Moving away from the stove, Ginny posed with her hand on her right hip. She dropped her hair, which spilled out over her shoulders. Even from where he stood Harry could smell the strawberry shampoo. "Somehow I thought you'd like it. Does it bring back any memories?" She said with a smirk. Her eyes were not so much brown as they were bordering on black.

"Definitely. When did you get it?" Harry's eyes raked over her body, pausing on the curve of her round, firm arse. She looked good enough to eat.

"Today. Hermione and I did a little shopping after lunch."

"Any special reason?" Harry inched closer.

"No I just felt like trying something different. Plus when we walked by that shop it reminded me of the time I stopped over for an innocent visit and found you wearing some not so innocent leather pants. I think we both know what happened after that..." She smiled seductively, doing a slow turn for his benefit. Then she leaned forward at the waist just enough to give him a clear view of the top of her breasts, faintly tanned with freckles sprinkled over the top in a pattern he had all but memorized.

Pain pulled at Harry's groin. A low growl came unbidden from deep in his throat as he finally closed the gap between them. "It's fantastic," he said. He put his right hand in the curve of her back on the sliver of skin between the corset and the trousers, to draw her closer. He saw beads of sweat forming on her hairline and moisture in between her breasts.

"Are you sure it's not my birthday?" Harry tucked his mouth into the curve where her neck met her shoulder, tracing his lips up the column of her throat.

She chuckled. "No, I'm fairly certain your birthday was a month ago."

"And it's not your birthday..."

"Two weeks ago." Ginny fingered the gold Snitch pendant with the ruby inset that dangled near the hollow of her throat. He'd given it to her over a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant on her birthday. Harry smiled as he ghosted his lips over her mouth. Ginny exhaled slowly, her breath sweet and warm on his face.

"I have an idea." He thumbed her chin, tugging gently to open her mouth a little more. Then he kissed her lower lip, lingering there for a second to taste her. He ran his tongue over her teeth. When she leaned in to continue the kiss, he pulled back. The look of frustration in her eyes sent a rush of blood into his groin. "Want to hear it?"

"I can't wait," Ginny purred. Her hand swept down his torso, lingering at the waistband of his trousers. He grunted, his hips thrusting involuntarily.

"Let's skip dinner and go straight for dessert."

"That depends." She unfastened the belt.

"On what?" Harry slid his hand over her arse to pull her firmly against him. His erection was poking her thigh. She had to feel how much he wanted her. He knew his arousal was an even bigger turn-on for her.

"What's for dessert?" Ginny ground her hips into him. The friction was almost unbearable.

Harry clenched his teeth. It wouldn't take much to send him over the edge but he would control it for just a little bit longer. The payoff was well worth the wait. With his other hand he threaded his fingers through her hair. Cupping his palm against her skull he yanked her head to his and kissed her fiercely. He drove his tongue into her mouth, thrilling to the little moan of acquiescence that escaped her.

Ginny raked her nails over his lower abdomen, her fingers descending into the waistband of his boxer shorts. Harry broke the kiss, sucking in his breath while he willed himself to hold on as her hand neared its final destination.

"You really ought to dig up those leather pants, Potter. You definitely have the arse for them. In fact your arse is probably even hotter now than it was then," she breathed, rimming the outer shell of his ear with her tongue while she grabbed his prick. Harry yelped like a wounded animal. His knees threatened to give way so he steered her backward toward the other side of the counter, far enough from the stove. When her back hit the counter he hoisted her up by her hips so that she was sitting on the edge with him between her legs.

"I don't know if I even have them any more," Harry admitted, running his finger along the tops of her breasts. But if he didn't he would definitely buy another pair.

Ginny's chest was heaving, and her hair was wild around her face. "You might have a hard time getting these off. They're very snug," she remarked. She wiggled her hips a little bit to tease him.

"I think I'll manage. I can do magic, after all." Harry's hand was already at the top of the zipper at her waist. He started to pull it down slowly, enjoying the sight of the supple flesh that emerged, which when combined with the anticipation of what was still hidden made him tingle.

"Mm, indeed you can," Ginny retorted in a low, husky voice that sounded like she had just woken up. She shoved his trousers down just below his waist and parted the front to release his prick. She stroked it like she would a cat, with a gentle rhythm from base to tip and back again. Even though her touch was light it still sent shockwaves of electricity through him. He clenched his throat but it didn't stop his hips from thrusting forward reflexively.

"Fuck," he hissed. He was aching for her now. All that stood between him penetrating her pussy was a layer of snug brown leather. He knew she wasn't wearing knickers, as he didn't see a panty line and with the way those trousers held her, the presence of knickers would be noticeable. He slid his hand inside the open zipper, and she wiggled her hips a little.

"The air feels so good," she sighed.

He peeled the clingy material away from her body as he directed his fingers downward just to confirm his suspicions. He smiled when he touched moist skin in the tangle of wiry curls at the apex of her thighs. She was very, very wet, and it was all because of him. This never failed to awaken a sense of animalistic pride.

Ginny let go of his prick to undo the buttons on his shirt. The moan she elicited when she parted the fabric and pulled it back to reveal his chest was one of the most erotic sounds she'd ever made. Her eyes scoured over every inch of his bare torso. Her lips slackened. Harry shrugged off the shirt, letting it fall around his feet. He was being sized up as prey; the look in her eyes only seemed to confirm that idea. Ginny ran her tongue along her lower lip provocatively, which about did him in. Tracing one finger in a figure-eight pattern around his nipples, she smiled.

"I love what Auror training has done for you." She winked. That small gesture made Harry come a little in his trousers.

"Wench. Although I might say the same about Quidditch training," he added. He applied gentle pressure to her crotch, gliding the pad of his thumb over her clit. Her thighs contracted into his hand. "Mm, especially those legs, so strong and tight. I love how you grip that broomstick."

"Well I just imagine it's you between my legs." Ginny nicked his earlobe with her teeth, gliding her fingers down his chest. She fanned them out over his waist and around back to cup his arse inside his boxers. The fact that they were verbally recounting pieces of their first encounter added an extra layer of sexual tension to an atmosphere that was already ripe with it. Harry was drowning in heat.

Digging her nails into his buttocks Ginny yanked him closer. Now his erection was flush against her stomach. If she weren't wearing the corset he would have pushed in between her breasts. Then she locked her ankles around him. Harry strained at the additional pressure on his midsection. His prick was throbbing.

"What a lovely piece of equipment. I remember the first time I saw it, I was worried that it wouldn't fit, but oh how wrong I was," Ginny mused, sliding her cupped hands along his shaft. The friction was like static electricity on his skin. "It fits very, very well."

"I could say the same about you," Harry said, struggling to steady his breathing. He was so close to losing control. He wanted desperately to come, but he wanted to do it inside her – whether it was her mouth or her pussy made no difference at this point. He could barely think straight.

She bent her head, her hair forming a curtain that tickled his arms as she touched her mouth to the tip. She flicked her tongue along the slit. Seeing her draw the taste of him back into her mouth made Harry strain toward her for more. The only thing he liked better than feeling her pussy tighten around his prick was her mouth sucking him off, taking him in sections until he was buried to the hilt. Then he would spill into her throat, and she took it all. She never once pulled away. He bore down on the counter with all his strength.

"Damn you, woman, you're going to do me in!"

"No, Potter. I'm just going to do you," she answered calmly.

"Get to it, would you? Or else I might come all over that pretty, expensive leather."

"Well now, we can't have that." While he watched, she peeled a little more of the leather trousers away from her skin. Then she nudged him back a little bit to give her room to wiggle her hips and force the rest of the garment off. The instant he caught sight of the fiery triangle between her legs, Harry grabbed her hips and thrust into her so hard it made her gasp. The pants were still stuck around her lower thighs, but he barely noticed.

"Ride me, Ginny. Ride me like you're on the pitch." Harry tugged at the lace binding her corset, and the top half of the garment dropped away to expose her breasts while the rest of it caught around her hips. Ginny threw her head back, arching her hips up off the counter. He pushed down the trousers on one side and then the other. Then he slid his hands underneath her arse while his mouth went for her right breast, alternately nibbling and sucking on her nipple.

"Harry...oh fuck, Harry...yes...that feels so good..." He felt her tight pussy flutter around him, so he increased the speed of his thrusts to ensure that they would reach climax at the same time. Ginny dipped her fingers in between their bodies to help her along, moaning nonsensical words as her body shook above him.

In the split second before his release her body rose with her back gorgeously arched and her breasts pointed toward the ceiling. He grabbed her arse to pull her against him. She rolled her hips just a little bit more; an instant later, Harry was spinning. It was like going into a complete dive on the pitch, only without any sense of control. Ginny's screams filled his ears as he finished emptying himself into her and then he felt the wetness between her legs. She didn't always come like this, but the fact that he'd done it for her now made his chest monster roar with triumph.

Harry dropped his head into her breasts. Ginny combed her fingers through his hair, holding him close enough that he could taste the sweat on her skin. "I just love leather," she said.