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21 September 2009 @ 12:57 pm
Title: How Breakfast Should Always Be  
Made Up Silly Name: Tardis Babe
Title: How Breakfast Should Always Be
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count" 1832
Summary: Rose never once thought she would be invited to play along
Rating: As hard an R as I could make it
Author Notes: I'm not much of a smut writer but I wanted to go with the adage "Have fun" more than anything. A threesome is something new for me so I thought I'd give it a try. Sorry it didn't go further.

There was something special about having Jack on board the Tardis again. It definitely made the Doctor happier when he was around. A happy Doctor meant a happy Rose. She hummed as she assembled breakfast and made the coffee. Normally, she would have let everyone get their own nosh but she was feeling agreeable this morning. Even made a egg casserole because Jack had once said he liked it even though she detested eggs and normally didn’t eat anything before luncheon because it made her feel heavy for the rest of the day. It was always wise to leave plenty of room for chips just in case they ended up somewhere they existed.

“Morning, sunshine.” Jack sauntered into the room, his hair still wet from his shower. There were sprinkles of water on his bare shoulders as if he’d been hasty to towel off. As he walked forward, dropping a kiss on Rose’s cheek before taking a mug and filling it to the top with the dark roast blend the Doctor preferred with milk, Rose found her gaze on those drops of water. They seemed quite at home where they were but she wondered how they would taste.

There was also the fact that his jeans weren’t buttoned. Rose forgot to breathe as she realized just how easy it would be to slide the worn material down his hips to let it land in a heap at his feet. If she kept up this daydream, she’d be in an unconscious heap at his feet. His very nicely shaped feet from the look of them. Nothing about this man was ugly.

With a shake of her head, Rose came back to the task at hand. She couldn’t very well throw herself at their guest. What would the Doctor think? Besides, she didn’t want to ruin what little leeway she’d made with the man who’d chosen her as his companion. They’d started out as friends and then very good friends and now… she wanted him too much to jeopardise what they might have. Even if the jeopardy was this pretty. So very, very pretty. She licked her lips as she noticed the water drops begin to slid down his chest.

“You’re up early,” she stuttered out, trying to get her mind back on the task at hand. “Did you sleep well?”

“Like a baby.” He winked, sending her stomach zooming around her insides in spasms of delight. “The Doctor always makes sure that the sleeping accommodations are very favorable when I come onboard.”

“That’s… nice.” Before she could stop herself, she replied, “Too bad those accommodations couldn’t be in my bunk.” Immediately after hearing herself, she blushed as deeply as she ever had. While she had trouble with being too forthright at times, Rose Tyler was not a slut.

Far from being surprised or turned off, Jack set his mug down on the counter. His smile was turned up to a thousand watts of pure sexuality, the kind she’d seen Captain Jack turn on and off with ease. A whimper escaped her as he invaded her personal space. His warmth loosened muscles she hadn’t realized she was clenching in anticipation.

“They could. If you wanted them to be.”

They moved forward at the same time, meeting in the middle with a tangle of lips and tongues and hands running through hair and along smooth skin. He had her shirt bunched up along her shoulders and then off before she touched enough of his bare chest to satisfy her suddenly carnal desires. His tongue traced a path along her jaw from ear to ear.

“My God, Jack. You’ve got me wet and it’s still morning.”

“Are you one of those people that thinks sex should only take place during the darkest part of the night and only in a bedroom, preferably on the bed?” He nipped at her earlobe, laughing as she squirmed against him. “On the counter with the smell of eggs and toast mingling with the tang of sex is my favorite setting. You’ve already made the toast and eggs. How about I help out with the rest?”

Her hands only trembled a bit as she followed his waistband from the back around to the front, stopping at his zipper as she struggled to remember how it worked. The rasp of the fabric was a definite contrast to his baby smooth skin. To her delight, he wasn’t wearing any drawers under the jeans. It made it much easier to slide her hand down to free his cock. After she pushed the trousers down over his hips, she cupped her hands around the growing member and began exploring the length with great alacrity. Jack’s rumble of satisfaction against the tender skin of her collarbone made her jump slightly.

But a cough from the doorway made her freeze. “Starting the morning’s festivities so early, Jack?”

She was the only one to react to the Doctor’s entrance. Jack hadn’t been phased in the least, his exploration roaming further south so that one nipple began to feel lonely and left out. When her hands stilled, his hips began doing the work she’d left off.

“Doctor,” she whispered. “It’s the Doctor.”

Jack lifted his face, smiling like an angel. For a moment, she forgot everything else but the urge to kiss him senseless. He let her pull him up but silenced her with a kiss that had her panting when he pulled back slightly, murmuring against her lips, “You were saying something about the Doctor?”

“Oh!” Rose pulled back, crossing her arms over her naked breasts as she remembered that they were being watched. “The Doctor just walked in.”

She tried not to giggle as Jack rested his chin on her shoulder. “So he did. Lagging behind, as usual. I left him in the shower nearly five minutes ago. Notice he’s wearing his suit. I think it’s a compulsion for him to wear it.”

“I like the suit,” Rose chided him, butting him gently away with her head. She looked over her shoulder, still slightly shy to be caught snogging Jack instead of eating her breakfast like a sane person. This was infinitely better, though.

The Doctor winked, giving her the same drowning sensation that Jack’s earlier wink had given her. She would have squeezed her legs together to stop the ache if Jack hadn’t been standing between them. On second thought, she squeezed them together but it did nothing to stop the ache. Jack didn’t seem to mind that the Doctor was standing there, watching as he pressed himself more firmly against her wet core. Her own denim jeans and the slightest bit of silk were the only things between her and penetration.

Just as she was starting to forget the other man in the room, he was standing beside Jack, nudging him aside with his shoulder. “Really, Jack. This isn’t the way to repay a man’s kindness for all these years.”

Rose felt sick, fearing she’d have to choose. One was so very pretty but the other was her Doctor. She really wanted both of them but that didn’t seem possible. They were both staring at her, exposing her worst fear in front of the very people she’d always hoped to keep it hidden from.

She licked her lips, trying to think of what to say to make this all better. If Jack hadn’t still been moving his hips in the most delicious way she might have been able to concentrate on the right words. Made them understand. Made them…

The Doctor slid his hand around to Jack’s chest, smoothing it over the smooth ridges of muscle with practiced ease. His other hand reached forward, barely touching her cheek. She purred from his touch, closing her eyes to savor the pleasure. But only for a second as there were much nicer things to look at than she could ever imagine.

“Yes, please,” she whispered, uncrossing her hands now that there was better things to do with them. One reached up to clutch at the Doctor’s hand, all but pushing it down lower to places that were growing frustrated at being left alone.

The other was shaking as it reached out to touch both the Doctor’s hand and Jack’s chest. “Mine.” Her voice cracked with little girl glee. “All mine.”

Her last word ended with a shriek, of surprise and pleasure, as Jack got tired of waiting. Before she realized exactly what was happening, Jack unzipped her jeans and ripped them down the remaining crotch seam. Her panties had a similar ending but with a much more delicate sound.

“Shouldn’t you undress as well?” As always, the Doctor was the voice of reason, even if that voice was getting the tiniest bit strained.

“No time.” Jack pulled her toward him, putting her legs around his hips at just the angle he wanted, and penetrated into Rose’s damp entrance with one swift thrust. “There’s never enough time.” Each word came out in time with a thrust of his hips, punctuated by a shrill intake of breath from Rose, who was trying not to scream just as much as she was letting herself express whatever passion bubbled to the surface.

“There is always time.” The Doctor placed a small kiss on Jack’s shoulder. When that didn’t get his attention, he bit down with quite a bit of force, leaving the skin red and dented. But he got the results he wanted. Jack jumped and not because Rose had discovered a rhythm and position that suited her much better and was taking over the reigns.

The Doctor smiled at Jack as he turned his head. Sweat was beading along his hairline, the dark hair even darker from his exertions. “What was that for?”

“Did it get your attention?”

“You didn’t have to bite quite so hard. Ow! You, too?” He turned to look at Rose who, in her own little sex-clouded world, had taken a bite out of his other shoulder. Her only response was a groan as she tightened around him to the point that he was having trouble concentrating on the people that surrounded him as he concentrated on seeing her through to climax.

Putting his hand down between their bodies, he found her swollen clitoris. She tensed as soon as he touched it. With just a few gentle strokes, Rose was screaming. It made him grin with delight. She was such a flirty little minx when she wanted to be, even for all her reluctance to actually act on any of her looks and smiles.

As she shattered in his arms, he turned to smile at the Doctor but he wasn’t there anymore. With a glance around, he nearly shattered as he saw the Doctor standing completely naked except for that ridiculous tie he hated to take off. He held up the sonic screwdriver and gave Jack one of his trademark smirks.

“All the time in the world, Jack. All the time in the world.”

Jack whimpered.