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20 September 2009 @ 09:56 am
"So Right Together"  

Author:  Captain Crunch

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Trio

Title: “So Right Together”

Words: 2366

Summary: It’s Harry’s night to choose a fantasy and Ron and Hermione are damn sure going to do whatever he says! *winks*

A/N: I would like to thank mugglemama for looking this over for me. And thank you to tqpannie for giving me some ideas. You will be missed so very much, Trisha. This is for you and thank you for all your amazing stories over the years. 


It was Saturday night… my night.

Ron, Hermione and I each had a designated fantasy night. Whoever’s night it was, got to choose what fantasy that we wanted to see acted out. Ron’s always involved Quidditch and food. For instance, Thursday night was his night and he had Hermione dress in a golden bikini, playing the role of the Golden Snitch. He and I were required to wear these ridiculously tight burgundy briefs that nearly cut off all the circulation to my ‘little Harry’. As per Ron’s directions, we had chased the “Golden Snitch” all around the house until one of us caught her. I had been the Seeker in school for pity’s sake, but of course it was Ron who prevailed. I had to admit though that it was so sexy watching him lift her over his shoulder and throwing her roughly on our bed… smeared with chocolate syrup. It had been a really messy love- making session to say the least. 

Hermione’s fantasy always involved something to do with those barmy books of hers. Tuesday night she had transfigured our bed into a giant book. I’ll never forget how turned on Ron and I were seeing her lying nude atop the huge book, her head situated just beneath the title in large golden letters Hogwarts, A History. Though the surface of the book had been hard and uncomfortable, it definitely had been worth us doing all sorts of wicked things to her body. Ron had been insatiable that night for he loved it when her fantasy involved defiling her most favorite book in the world.  

And now it was finally my turn.

I had sat the two of them down on the couch in our lounge that afternoon, explaining that I wanted to watch them. Hermione didn’t like that I wasn’t including myself and I admit that I had been secretly excited to see her pout. “But it’s my birthday!” She bit her lip; making me want to jump up from the recliner and take her right there on the couch. “You boys always make me the center of attention on my birthday no matter whose night it is.” 

I swallowed hard, but I wasn’t about to allow for her to try and change my mind about this. It was my fantasy after all. I tried to sound and look as stern as possible, though the hard on I had at the time had been almost unbearable. “It’s my bloody fantasy night, Hermione! The both of you have to do exactly what I want! You do recall the terms of the agreement we made months ago?”

“Yes. It’s just that-“

I cut her off before she could say anything else that might make me cum in my pants. “Not another word, Hermione! The both of you will do as I have instructed – end of discussion!”

She tutted while Ron merely grinned wickedly. “You’re actually letting me have Hermione all to myself on her birthday, then?” Still trying to look serious, I nodded. “Well, I, for one, am going to enjoy this fantasy of yours very much.”

I pointed my finger at him accusingly. “I know what you’re playing at and it isn’t going to work, arsehole!”

“What?” He said, trying to sound completely innocent. Of course, I knew better. 

“Stop trying to make me jealous so I’ll do more than just watch.”

Ron shrugged and lifted Hermione up slightly onto his lap, her back against his chest. She began to protest until he brought his hand up and covered her mouth, shutting her up at once. “I just want to show Harry what he’ll be missing, alright love?”   Hermione’s eyes widened for a moment before she nodded. He removed his hand from her mouth and pushed her hair back off the side of her neck. Ron began to nibble her there, making Hermione gasp. 

My hands gripped the arms of the recliner as I watched him slowly pull her skirt up to her waist and whisper against her skin. “Spread your legs for us, love.” She did as he asked and I nearly groaned as I watched him raise two fingers up to Hermione’s mouth, pushing them inside. She sucked his fingers for a moment and then released them with an audible ‘plop’. 

Ron brought his wet fingers down and inserted them into her center, moving them in and out. That was when I lost it; the both of them had gone too far. Rising up out of the recliner, I quickly admonished the pair of them. “ENOUGH!”

Ron raised his head up from Hermione’s neck, a smirk on his face. “I just wanted to give you a preview is all.” He removed his fingers from Hermione and held them out to me. “See how wet she is, Harry?” I stared at his fingers hungrily for they were glistening with Hermione’s essence. “Want to lick my fingers clean or shall I?”

“That’s not fair arsehole!” I said through gritted teeth. He laughed as he sucked his fingers into his mouth, making me even angrier... and completely horny. “You know the rules – the fantasy doesn’t start until the person in charge says it does. That was cruel and you know it!”

“Whatever you say, Harry.” He brought his hands down to the inside of Hermione’s thighs, spreading them wider.   “There is no bloody way you can resist this. You won’t last five minutes watching me feast on her and you bloody well know it.”

“I’m much stronger than either of you give me credit for.” Hermione suddenly smiled at me and brought her hand down between her legs and began to play with herself. She knew this drove me mad and I shakily pushed the rim of my glasses up, trying to regain my composure once more. “You both are to be in our bedroom at precisely six thirty. Wear nothing more than the matching dressing gowns I bought you last Christmas. Detailed instructions will be in a sealed envelope on our bed.” I turned on my heel and quickly went to the loo to try and relieve the ‘frustration’ they had purposely caused.


I was glad I had tried to find a place to watch them in our bedroom half an hour before they were due to arrive.  No matter where I positioned myself, I kept feeling like there had to be a better place for me to be able to see everything I had in-store for the two of them. I also planned on covering myself up with my new Invisibility Cloak they had bought me to add a sense of mystery to my fantasy. I finally decided to sit down on a stool that I had placed near the foot of our bed. Minutes before they were due to arrive, I covered myself with the cloak and waited in barely contained anticipation.

At exactly six thirty, our bedroom door opened. Hermione stepped inside, followed by Ron, who shut the door behind them. As per my instructions, they were both wearing the burgundy satin dressing gowns I had bought for them. Hermione’s was shorter than Ron’s and I loved how it showed off her shapely thighs. She walked over to the bed and picked up the envelope. 

I grinned as she tore the note open and began to read aloud. “I am hidden somewhere in the room.” I saw her smile before continuing on. “For my fantasy, I wish to see how many ways Ron can make the birthday girl come. I expect the both of you to be creative tonight. And there is to absolutely be no fucking until I say so!”

Ron, looking amused, scanned the room. “You’re hidden somewhere in the room, Harry? Brilliant!” He snatched the parchment out of Hermione’s hand and pulled her close to him, crushing his lips to hers. “Shall we get on with it, birthday girl?”

“We definitely shouldn’t keep Harry waiting.” Hermione smiled up at him. Ron let her go and untied the belt to his dressing gown, tugging it off and allowing for it fall unceremoniously to the floor. Hermione did the same and stood facing Ron, her chest heaving as she looked as she looked at his fit body.   Ron sat down on the edge of the bed. “Come here, love.”

Hermione stepped forward and Ron spread his legs slightly so that she could stand between them. He took both her breasts in his large hands and began to knead them. “Your tits are so fucking hot.” Ron craned his neck upward and began to kiss her hungrily. He released her mouth and called out, “I’m just getting her ready, Harry. And I know for a fact that you love her tits as much as I do.”

I shifted uncomfortably wanting him to get on with it. And Ron tells me he’s the impatient one? I watched as he took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking greedily. Hermione was making the most sensual noises and I couldn’t help but curse myself for only wanting to watch tonight. He did the same to her other breast and then turned her around. “I hope you’re where you can see her face, Harry.”

Shite! I wasn’t! As quietly as I could, I came up off the stool and tip-toed to over to where I could stand in front of Hermione to get a better view. I looked down to see that her legs were slightly spread. Ron had begun kneading her breasts once more and I nearly groaned as I watched. “I hope I gave you a chance to get a better view, Harry.” Ron removed one of his hands from her breasts and balled it up into a fist. “First off, I think I’ll try and make her come using my pussy finger knuckle.” 

He took his fist and brought it up to his mouth, licking his knuckle. Ron snaked his fisted hand around and began to rub Hermione’s nub with it. Hermione closed her eyes and sighed. “Like that do you?” Ron chuckled as he pinched her nipple with his other hand. “Is she biting her lip yet, Harry?” Ron began to run his tongue down the side of her neck.

She was and I had to bite my own so as not give myself away. Hermione began to speak incoherently and moments later her body suddenly seized up. It was the long moan I heard that made me unbutton my trousers and unzip my flies. She is so fucking hot when she comes! 

Ron removed his hand and began placing gentle kisses on her back. “I’ll bet you’re ready for some more, Harry? Come and get up on the bed, Hermione.” Ron laid back and shifted his body until his head was down at the foot of the bed. Hermione turned around and shakily got up on the bed. She was on her knees and Ron grabbed her by the waist, pulling her toward his face. He laid his head down right at the edge and moved her so she straddled his face. “Keep your legs as far they’ll open love, so Harry will be able to see.” I moved quickly back over to the stool and sat down once more. I was so excited to have the most spectacular view not only of Hermione’s pussy, but of what Ron was doing to her as well.

Ron began to run his tongue up and down her seam and my hand instantly went to my cock. He placed his hands firmly on her waist, pushing her downwards and began lapping up all of her juices. I started to move my hand up and down along my cock, wishing it was me - not Ron - who was feasting on Hermione right now. The mewing noises coming from Hermione were making me crazy and I began to increase the speed of my hand, desperate for release. Ron suddenly started sucking her clit hungrily, moaning as he did so. Hermione came hard, nearly screaming his name as she climaxed. I couldn’t stifle my groan as I came right with her. 

Not being able to stand much more and wanting desperately to bring an end to my fantasy and have my turn, I pulled the cloak off. “Fuck her now, Ron!” His mouth was still firmly latched to her clit, for he loved her juices as much as I did. “I said fuck her, Ron!”

He finally let go and hastily lifted Hermione off of his completely soaked face. He pushed her down onto the bed, spread her legs and shoved himself into her in one fluid motion. Damn but he’s more coordinated then I give him credit for. As Ron began to move in and out of her like a man possessed, I began to pump my own cock slick in my cum in time with his movements. Hermione was moaning like mad and shouted like a raving banshee, “Harder, Ron!”

Not being able to help myself, I spurred him on as well. “Yes! Fuck her harder, Ron!” And our boy didn’t disappoint, as he was pounding so hard into her that Hermione looked like she was going to be swallowed up by the mattress. I heard Ron groan and saw him snake his fingers down to Hermione’s clit, trying to make sure she came with him. I could feel the tightening in my balls and knew I was close as well.

Moments later I grunted, Ron groaned and Hermione screamed. I fell to the floor in a heap, feeling like my body had lost all its limbs. I closed my eyes and nearly fell asleep. I don’t know how long I lay there before I suddenly remembered where I was. I opened my eyes and was surprised how quiet the room was. I stood up with great difficulty and nearly cried at the sight that greeted me. Sound asleep; my boy was lying on his back, hugging my girl who was lying on top of him. They looked so peaceful and so right together that it nearly took my breath away.   Happy Birthday, Hermione. I love you both so much.  

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slantedknittingslantedknitting on September 22nd, 2009 03:58 am (UTC)
this is super hot :D